Saturday, July 31, 2010

Killing The Gong At Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem - These 2 ladies visited Frank Myers Auto Maxx on a rainy Saturday and they were "just looking". However, when they saw the car of their dreams (a 2009 Nissan Altima) EVERYTHING changed. They saw it, they loved it, Frank Myers Auto got their price & payments to fit their budget and they drove it home. Sooper-Dooper Easy for them and it could be for you as well! Check out the ending of this video to see how hard she hits the gong...scary stuff! For more Used Car Gossip, visit

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Watkins & The 2009 Dodge Caliber At Frank Myers Auto Maxx - The Watkins LOVE the new Dodge Caliber that they bought from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem. It was the 3rd car they've bought from Uncle Frank and said they would be back for #4 very soon! For more info on Frank Myers Automotive, please visit

Earl Jordan Rocks His 2009 Ford Focus From Frank Myers Auto - Watch Sooper-Dooper Happy Customer Earl Jordan as he gets ready to drive home the car of his dreams...a 2009 Ford Focus in Winston Salem, NC from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. For more info about the dealership, visit

Find Out If Everybody Rides at Frank Myers Auto Maxx - Over the years, the question has been asked many times: Does Everybody Rides at Frank Myers Auto Maxx? The question is answered in this video. For more info on Frank Myers Auto, visit

Friday, July 23, 2010

(Frank Myers Auto Maxx) made the whole process easy... - Uncle Frank sez it's not polite to brag about we'll just let our Sooper Dooper Happy Customer do it for us. PS: It's even SWEETER when we get unsolicited letters in the mail like this one from Sabrina Bristow!

33 Seconds To Buy A Mustang at Frank Myers Auto in Winston-Salem, NC

http://www.UsedCarGossip - Mr. Kendall walked into Frank Myers Auto Maxx, a used car dealer in Winston Salem. 33 seconds later, he had shook hands with his Non-Commissioned Sales Pro (Brandon Sayles) & was the proud owner of a beautiful Mustang GT. See the car & meet Mr. Kendall by watching this video. More at

LOVING His 2005 Lincoln From Frank Myers Auto In Winston-Salem, NC - Mike Thomas is a Non-Commissioned Sales Pro at Frank Myers Auto Maxx (a used car dealership in Winston Salem, NC) and he helped Marion drive home in the Lincoln Town Car of his dreams. Since Uncle Frank always said it's rude to brag, watch the video & listen to Marion do it for us. For more Frank Myers Auto info, visit

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hit By A Drunk Driver in Winston-Salem, NC

http://www.UsedCarGossip - Brian and his wife were driving when they were hit by a drunk driver. Of course, they need a replacement so they visited SEVERAL dealerships trying to obtain financing. They all said no. When they visited Frank Myers Auto Maxx, they were approved in less than 20 minutes! Hear Brians story. About Frank Myers Auto Maxx:

Ashley LOVES The Frank Myers Auto Service Department - Ashley Bennette visited the auto repair/auto service center at Frank Myers Auto Maxx for an oil change in Winston Salem. She was so happy with their service that she also wanted become an employee! Uncle Frank always said that it was rude to brag so we'll let Ashley do it for us. For more info, visit

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Ice Cream at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC

This little girl may have the best quote ever: "Frank Myers Auto Maxx is a good place to buy a car because they've got good ice cream, good popcorn and good video games!" We couldn't agree with her more! C'mon down to 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC to see what all the fuss is about OR visit

Jimmy Buys A 2008 Ford Ranger From Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Jimmy Marion is a long time Uncle Frank Fanatic. He has personally purchased 3 cars from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in the past 15 years PLUS he has sent more than 35 of his friends and family members to become family members also. Uncle Frank sez: "Thanks a million, Jimmy! You 'da man!"

**** If you would like information on how to become a Sooper Dooper Happy Member of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Family of customer (like Jimmy), visit htttp://

Frank Myers Auto Fanatics LOVE Their Kia Sportage

These Sooper-Dooper happy members of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx family just bought a Kia Sportage from their Non-Commissioned Sales Pro, Donnie Kellam. Watch this video as they ring the celebatory gong.

***For more info on how to become a member of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx family of Sooper-Dooper Happy Customers, visit

Frank Myers Auto Helps Mazda 6 Finds A New Home

Today was a sad day at Frank Myers Auto Maxx because we lost one of our own. Their beloved Mazda 6 (the one the Xtreme Satisfaction Team Member, Tawnya, drove to lunch everyday) found a NEW home. The good news is that at least it was with a nice family of Uncle Frank Fanatics in Winston-Salem.

**** If you would like information on becoming an Uncle Frank Fanatic, visit