Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bobby McClain Drives Home In Car #5 From Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Bobby McClain loves Uncle Frank. As a matter of fact, he loves Uncle Frank so much that on April 28, 2010...he drove home in car #5! On this video, Bobby McClain shares his love of buying used cars from Frank Myers Auto Maxx with the world. For more 5 Star Reviews, visit or for more about the dealership, visit

"Above & Beyond The Call of Duty at Frank Myers"

super dooper new review by hinesdrive130
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"This is the 3rd vehicle we bought from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. I have never been treated so well and felt as respected at a dealership as I do at Uncle Franks. Brandon went above and beyond to do whatever it took to get us a used suv that was affordable for us. Tracey was so patient with us and even went above and beyond to help us get the best deal we could get. They were really busy this past Friday and I sat and watched the staff busting there butts off . They never once made us feel like were ignored. They kept us in the loop as to what was going on. I will continue to buy all my vehicles from Frank Myers and refer them to others as well."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Helps Cristy Cox Drive Home In The 2006 Jeep Commander ...

On a warm but rainy April day, a pre-owned car dealership in the North Carolina, received a shipment of "new" vehicles. In that shipment was a beautiful 2006 Jeep Commander. Little did the Frank Myers team know, a lady by the name of Cristy Cox had been searching for a Commander. Fate brought Cristy, the Commander and the Frank Myers Auto Maxx team together and she drove that vehicle home the same day she looked at it. After ringing the celebatory gong, Cristy said she was "very happy" and she would "buy from Frank Myers Auto Maxx again". For more info on Frank Myers Auto Maxx, visit -

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ready, Aim, Fire At Frank Myers Auto In Winston-Salem, NC 27105 - Mr. Linberry is an old friend of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Team. So when he visited the dealership on April 23rd, everyone thought he was just stopping by to say "hello". However, Mr. Linberry had other buying his wife a Mazda Miata. "I wouldn't buy a car anywhere else except here", said Mr. Linberry. As he walked away, he added "and tell that Uncle Frank that he's craaaazy!" We couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Lineberry. Enjoy your Mazda Miata.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Frank Myers Has A Great Service Department"

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"Frank Myers Auto Maxx has a great service department. The staff seems to care about me as a client. This was my first visit with my Honda to any service department other than the new Honda stores. My other cars have been serviced by Quick Lube-type places in the past. My big problem with the Quick Lube-type oil change place in the past has been that their staff didn't make strong recommendations when they spotted potential problems. I had a brake issue but my warning light never came on. I had mentioned the amount of brake dust to the guys at the Quick Lube-type place and they stated that they do not service brakes but failed to mention that I should have my car checked by a "real" repair place or a dealership service dept. I am a firm beliver in full service/ full circle business. It is the bases of what makes great business. Even though I only went to Frank Myers for a tune-up, they did a complete walk around on my car and gave me a check list with any problems/potential problems with an estimate range. Since it was my first visit, I took my car to the Honda store (which I've had problems with in the past...that's why I will NOT use them full time for service) and they backed up everything that Frank Myers had told me and gave me an estimate that was about 45% more expensive! If there is one compliant, I would say that the waiting area is a little small but at least it is clean and comfortable."

"I Will Buy My Car From Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by adamlee27104
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"Shopped at many lots looking for my new car and finally found it in Winston Salem at Frank Myers Automaxx. I either found high prices or bad cars or rude employees or all of the above. The salesman was Zach and I want to thank him for helping me. Seems like he is a good guy and helped me with my situation. I will be back there to buy my next car."

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Frank Myers Is A Great Place To Buy A Car"

super dooper new review by Candi B.
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"My husband came to Frank Myers Auto Maxx about 6 years ago. We needed a vehicle for him to work out of and we had no money and not so good credit. Tracy helped us get the right vehicle and got us a loan through the "Everybody Rides" program. Using this program, we paid off the vehicle, improved our credit.

Since then we have bought 2 more cars from Frank Myers. Frank Myers Auto Maxx is great place to buy a car and stat over on your credit. Thank you again for all that you are doing."

"I Am A Loyal Frank Myers Auto Customer"

super dooper new review
by Michelle Szabo

"From day one, the people at Frank Myers Auto Maxx have been sooo wonderful!
They were truthful. Something other dealers are not! They were able to help me with my "bad credit" situation and help me get a car. A car that I love! Not just some junk.
John was knowledgeable. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart! Now I am a loyal customer. Thanks!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"My Family Equals Customers For Life At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by thompsonsmercy2010
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"We have bought three cars from Uncle Frank and would love to tell our story to tell about how great it is to trade with your dealership.

Several months ago, my son had been shopping to buy a newer car. He called me several times while shopping at a lot of the new car stores in town and was getting very frustrated with the poor experiences. He was at his wits ends dealing with the dealer employees talking down to him at various Winston dealerships. At one point, he called me and was almost in tears over his frustration with A**hole salespeople thinking he was not able to buy a car or trying to push him into cars he didn't want.
It was late that evening and I called Traci Myers at Frank Myers Auto who I go to church with. I told him the story of my sons bad experiences and told the Tracy I have had good experiences with his dealership and wanted the same for my son and his first new car. Mister Myers offered to help us personally to make sure my son would have a great car buying experience.
I drove and picked up my son the next day to go see Mister Myers. My son picked the color and style he wanted and once he drove it, he was so happy.Rich the finance director got my son approved without me co-signing and made me happy.

We finished the paper work and he drove back home and was excited about buying his first car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. He was especially tickled that Mr. Myers was the one that helped him (Mr. Myers is a local celebrity because he is on TV).

We will be back again and again. Great dealership Mister Myers."