Thursday, April 1, 2010

"My Family Equals Customers For Life At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by thompsonsmercy2010
(as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"We have bought three cars from Uncle Frank and would love to tell our story to tell about how great it is to trade with your dealership.

Several months ago, my son had been shopping to buy a newer car. He called me several times while shopping at a lot of the new car stores in town and was getting very frustrated with the poor experiences. He was at his wits ends dealing with the dealer employees talking down to him at various Winston dealerships. At one point, he called me and was almost in tears over his frustration with A**hole salespeople thinking he was not able to buy a car or trying to push him into cars he didn't want.
It was late that evening and I called Traci Myers at Frank Myers Auto who I go to church with. I told him the story of my sons bad experiences and told the Tracy I have had good experiences with his dealership and wanted the same for my son and his first new car. Mister Myers offered to help us personally to make sure my son would have a great car buying experience.
I drove and picked up my son the next day to go see Mister Myers. My son picked the color and style he wanted and once he drove it, he was so happy.Rich the finance director got my son approved without me co-signing and made me happy.

We finished the paper work and he drove back home and was excited about buying his first car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. He was especially tickled that Mr. Myers was the one that helped him (Mr. Myers is a local celebrity because he is on TV).

We will be back again and again. Great dealership Mister Myers."

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