Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tom Loves His Lexus From Frank Myers Auto Maxx

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the team at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem were pleasantly surprised when Tom dropped by the dealership simply to thank them for selling him such an awesome car. Tom loves his Lexus and wanted the world to know that you can't go wrong when you shop at Frank Myers Auto Maxx!

"Frank Myers Is Doing Business With Integrity"

super dooper new review by Timeisup (as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"I want to start of by saying how Greatful I am to have visited and purchased from Frank Myers. Me and my girlfriend had visited several dealerships before coming to Frank Myers with nothing but high pressure salesman showing me cars that I could not afford..Frank Myers is different Jim and Rich reviewed my information 1st then showed me vechicles that I could get financing on. My credit not being the best they still found me financing with $ 2,000 down payment. The down payment was more then I wanted to pay but ultimately this was not in there control. Having worked for a bank I understood that since the economic crash lending instutions have raised there requirements to limit there risk. I purchased my car and enjoy it daily.. Thank you Tracy and Frank Myers staff for doing business with upmost integrity and professionalism."

"I Cannot Say Enough Praises For Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by rolowagoner1961 (as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"We have been working with Bruno at Frank Myers Auto Maxx for the last 2 weeks as we begin our automotive search. I cannot say enough praises for the dealership on their courtesy, friendliness, and their no-pressure atomosphere. I'm not one who fills out these online ratings, and I havent even purchased a car yet, but I just want others out, there who are sick and tired of the 'used car salesman' routine and pressure, that you will be pleasantly surprised at the employees at Franks. They treat you and your whole family with respect, courtesy and kindness. All of their cars are clean, and seem to be in excellent condition.I wanted to give Bruno and Keith a huge compliment - for being extremly patient while answering all of my wife's questions. When we decide on which car we want, we will definately purchase it from Frank Myers Auto Maxx."

"Frank Myers Is Always Friendly & Always Helpful"

super dooper new review by FranklinKirk (as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"Always a great experience dealing with the Frank Myers crew, always friendly, and always helpful, I have purchased 2 vehicles from them. After a lot of price and quality shopping at other stores, I ended back at their dealership for my puchases. Service on both vehicles has been terrific, any problems that arose were taken care of quickly and correctly the first time. There is always a very friendly atmosphere at the dealership I stop in just to chat with the crew when I'm close."

"I Recommend Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by rickmanrocket2010 (as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"I recommend the used cars at Frank Myers Auto very highly, starting with salesman Zach Kapp, who is the most energetic, hard-working, and sincere car salesperson with whom I have ever dealt. Thanks to his interest in helping me, I now have a nicer car with a lower monthly payment. From my first phone contact on a Tuesday evening, to a question several days after the sale, Zach was fully engaged in helping me, including scouring the lot for cars that matched what I needed in a car and a monthly payment. I believe Zach is the poster child for customer satisfaction at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and maybe the entire car industry. My wife and I were impressed with the friendly, fun time atmosphere and teamwork of the entire staff to make our used car shopping experience successful and positive. Manager Keith Bauman found a solution to the one drawback the car had for me and scheduled an appointment to fix the cd player that didn't work. Finance Manager Rich Little led us through the paperwork in a relaxed and expert manner. Service Mgr Robert Thomas welcomed us into the service department so we would have a warm, illuminated area for switching cars on a cold, dark winter night. We left with assurances that any of these individuals would help us afterwards if we needed, and based on my return visit a few days after the sale, this offer of help was genuine.Everyone we met seemed to really enjoy their work and their customers; everything was done easily, professionally, and thoughtfully."

"The Truth @ Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by Sonia (as posted on

"I am one of those people who have always dreaded having to go into a car dealership and shop for a new car. You always here how pushy the car salesmen can be and how the whole thing can be an unpleasant experience. But that could not be any further from the truth at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. I actually live in another state. But while visiting my parents in NC I saw one of the Frank Myers commercials. I was in need of a new car so it caught my attention. So when the time came I made the trip to NC specifically to go there. I was really nervous being a woman walking into a car dealership alone, but all those worries were soon gone. I immediately felt at home. Everyone from the receptionist to the salesmen were all very friendly and accommodating. All of my questions were answered and I never felt any pressure. I found exactly what I was looking for and actually enjoyed the experience. The owner, Tracy Myers even came out and spoke with me while I was there. You would have a hard time finding a nicer person. I highly recommend that anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx. In the future if I am ever in need of another vehicle I will certainly make the trip again."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Glad I Found Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by King of Bernard (as posted on

"Rolling up in my Magnum to trade for a Charger, I had my "guns loaded" and ready to fire. This wasn't my first car shopping rodeo and it won't be my last. However, I had been screwed by car dealers before and it wasn't gonna happen again. I set my eyes on a salesman and expected him to pounce at any moment. Surprisingly, it never happened. Instead, I got a big smile and a wave. Something smelled fishy to me so I still had my guard up. I'm happy to report that the "fish" never emerged. What happened instead was that I got my new Charger in a pressure free environment. These are some of the friendliest people I've ever met at any retail establishment and coming from a cynic like me, that is a huge compliment. Very happy with my new car and I get compliments every day. Glad I found Frank Myers Auto for my new car."

"I Will Buy My Next Car From Frank Myers"

super dooper new review by bhoffman1971 (as posted on

"A great place to buy a used car. I've been driving my accord I bought from them for 7 years and had minimal problems. It now has 300k plus miles and runs like a champ. Now I take it there for service and they are friendly and have good prices. I recommend them to anyone I know and will buy my next car from them."

"Frank Myers is Spotless"

super dooper new review by videoloss (as posted on

"If youre searching for an honest, classy, dependable place to buy a car then this is it. The people at Frank Myers Automaxx bent over backwards to help me get a nice car. I appreciate thier looking out for me when I had been shunned at so many places all week. Being a lady, a clean and well lit place is also important and Frank Myers is also spotless, especially the bathrooms, and good lighting in and out. You can't go wrong at this car lot."

"Very Pleased About Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by Chris (as posted on

"Fabulous experience at Frank Myers that I want to tell you about. Me and my 2 children were at Frank Myers Auto Maxx service department for a tune up on my Ford Taurus. I didn't buy the Taurus from them and have been unhappy with it but it is paid for. The girl at the desk in service, I think her name is Jill but I'm not sure, asked me to come into the office. She said I had a "potentailly life threatning" problem with my car. It was hard for me to believe because I've been to service departments before that tried to lie to me to get me to spend money. But Jill asked the service manager Robbie to show me the danger. Robbie walked me to my car in the shop and showed my the thing that hooks the whells together was about to break. I started crying because this was my only car and I have to get my kids around and I have to go to work. Robbie said he had to order the part and it wouldnt be in until the next day. I was scared and didn't know what to do but the staff was great. They agreed to take me home and pick me up but I decided to try and trade my car instead since the car was wore out anyway. When I got to the sales side of the dealer, I spoke with Keith and Ernie, I think were their names. Both were nice and accomodating to me. They helped me with my loan approval and they used my Taurus as a down payment so I didn't have to come up with any cash out of my pocket. That was good because I didn't have any. lol. I drove home in a 2008 Nissan Altima with payments at around $260 a month. What a great job and a great place. Thanks to everyone there that helped me with a car and with service."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"I Say Check (Frank Myers Auto) Out"

super dooper new review by Jonas M. (as posted on

"I just moved to NC by way of Orlando. I used Yelp to get the $17.98 oil change coupon. It was a great deal. Got my oil changed, got a car wash and got all my other fluids checkes in my Toyota for less than $20.00 with tax. Cool waiting area also. Wi-fi was nice touch. Arcade with X-box is there for next time. Also seemed like a good place to car shop. Lots of good looking used cars on the lot. Friendly staff. Not pushy at all. I say check this place out."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bang The Gong At Frank Myers Auto Maxx

The new Celebatory Gong at Frank Myers Auto Maxx of Winston-Salem, NC debuted on March 11, 2010 and Mr. Archie was the first customer to use it. He is now the proud owner of a Ford F-350 and will go down in the history book as "the one for whom the gong first tolled". He was assisted by 2 time Non-Commissioned Sales Pro of the month Jim Pappas.

The Story Of Tina Torain, Her Nissan And The Gong

Tina Torain visited Winston-Salem, NC used car dealership Frank Myers Auto Maxx looking for a Chevy Cobalt. Little did she know, she was going to drive home in a super hot Nissan Sentra Spec-V! Non-Commissioned Sales Pro Mark Hedgecock assisted her in finding the car that fit her needs and her budget PLUS something that made her look extra cool. Everyone agrees that the Nissan that Tina drove home in fit the bill perfectly! As an added bonus, Ms. Torain was the final person to hit the celebatory gong on its debut day...March 11, 2010. Congrats to Tina Torain and thanks for being a part of our history!

Gong Debuts At Winston-Salem Used Car Dealership

It was March 11th, 2010 when the Celebatory Gong made its debut at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC. Crystal Matthews, a repeat member of the Frank Myers family of customers, picked the perfect day to drive home in a 2008 Dodge Caliber. Not only was her monthly payment on the Certified Caliber less than $200, she was only the 2nd person to ever hit the gong! Crystal was assisted by Non-Commissioned Sales Pro Zach Kapp and said "Frank Myers Auto Maxx is the ONLY place I'll ever buy a car."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"(Frank Myers Auto) Was Very Helpful"

super dooper new review by Joe (as posted on

"My credit union had pre-approved me for a car loan and recommended I visit Frank Myers. I found my perfect car when I got there. It looked good but I have been warned about buying used. Buyer beware, right? So I asked for a Carfax and got one on the spot. My mind was eased somewhat but I still wanted to take it to my mechanic who has worked on our cars for more than 20 years. It checked out with flying colors so I went back and worked with my salesperson Mark and the business manager Ritch to get the price I wanted. They were very helpful and offerd me an interest rate lower than my credit union. That was impressive and I say hats off to them. Nice people, very accomodating to me and I really love my new car. I hope to be back to do business with them again some day. It would be a pleasure if the experience was like it was this time."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

""I Have Been Satisfied To No End At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

"Based on my other experiences, I have really enjoyed working with Mark. He made sure we were happy and just didn't want to sell me something. The atmosphere when you come in is welcoming. And with me being in customer service, I judge every thing and every person I come in contact with the same way I try to judge myself. I have been satisfied to no end at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and I will purchase here from Mark Hedgecock again."
- D. McLaughlin
Reidsville, NC