Saturday, March 20, 2010

"I Recommend Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by rickmanrocket2010 (as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"I recommend the used cars at Frank Myers Auto very highly, starting with salesman Zach Kapp, who is the most energetic, hard-working, and sincere car salesperson with whom I have ever dealt. Thanks to his interest in helping me, I now have a nicer car with a lower monthly payment. From my first phone contact on a Tuesday evening, to a question several days after the sale, Zach was fully engaged in helping me, including scouring the lot for cars that matched what I needed in a car and a monthly payment. I believe Zach is the poster child for customer satisfaction at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and maybe the entire car industry. My wife and I were impressed with the friendly, fun time atmosphere and teamwork of the entire staff to make our used car shopping experience successful and positive. Manager Keith Bauman found a solution to the one drawback the car had for me and scheduled an appointment to fix the cd player that didn't work. Finance Manager Rich Little led us through the paperwork in a relaxed and expert manner. Service Mgr Robert Thomas welcomed us into the service department so we would have a warm, illuminated area for switching cars on a cold, dark winter night. We left with assurances that any of these individuals would help us afterwards if we needed, and based on my return visit a few days after the sale, this offer of help was genuine.Everyone we met seemed to really enjoy their work and their customers; everything was done easily, professionally, and thoughtfully."

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