Sunday, January 31, 2010

"It's Fun & Simple At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by Gene Lawler (as posted on Car Dealer

This dealer made it easy to buy a car. It was fun and simple. The entire staff at Frank Myers Auto Maxx from the sales department as well as the service department were friendly and efficient. The financing was easy and they got us a very low interest rate. It took a little longer than expected to sign the paperwork and head home but they were super busy. It would be nice if they had some more help so the process would have been a little quicker. We will still be referring all our friends and family. In the future this is the first dealership we will turn to for help.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Is Workin' Hard For The Money

This nice lady was shopping for cars with her snow boots when she decided to give Frank Myers Auto Maxx a try. From the moment she spoke with Derrick, she knew that this dealership was different from all the others she had visited. "Derrick was awesome, my new Nissan is the perfect car for me and this place is FUN with a capital F!"

"Derrick Did Me Right At Frank Myers Auto Maxx" - These 2 happy ladies walked into Frank Myers Auto Maxx on a snowy Friday afternoon and drove home in the car(s) of their dreams. And even though they didn't know each other before they came to Uncle Frank's, they left with the common bond of knowing what Uncle Frank Sez: "EVERYBODY RIDES!"

"Frank Myers Auto Maxx Was Super Friendly"

super dooper new review by Gracie Dennis (as posted on Car Dealer

"I visited Frank Myers Auto Maxx with my husband in the middle of a snow storm and they were slammed with customers buying cars. Earlier today I had gone to 2 of the new car stores in Winston Salem and there were no customers there. It was like a ghost town. Carmax wasn't unfriendly but they were boring. Yawn! North Point was snobby. Must have been the sweat pants I was wearing that turned them off. At Frank Myers Autos Maxx, they were all super friendly especially my salesman Derrik, Keith and Rich. They gave me a great deal on my 2008 Nissan Altima, gave me a tshirt, popcorn, had good music playing. This place was fun! I love it there and recommend it to anyone and everyone buying a car in North Carolina. Thank you so much."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Cole Gets A BIG Check From Frank Myers Auto - Mr. Cole is a guy who knows a great deal when he gets one. That's why he just purchased his third used car in five years from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC. And Mr. Cole was so happy about the cars that he's purchased, he also sends his friends and family to buy cars from the Non-Commissioned Sales folk at Frank Myers Auto. Uncle Frank can't think of a better compliment from Mr. Cole than being able to help his loved ones drive home in the car of their dreams.

"I Drive 100 Miles To Shop At Frank Myers Auto Maxx" - Most of the folks in the Triad area of North Carolina know that Frank Myers Auto Maxx is the best place to shop for a pre-owned car. But did you know that their are people that buy used cars at Frank Myers Auto Maxx from all over the Carolinas (and the United States)? This latest video is of Non-Commissioned Sales Pro Jim Pappas and another happy member of Uncle Frank's family that drove more than 100 miles to buy the Certified Ford Explorer of his dreams!

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Frank Myers Auto Maxx Provided A Totally Different Experience"

super dooper new review by Robert W. (as posted on

"Jim P: He is an outstanding sales person, very professional, very courteous and willing to help at all times. A true "Go Giver". In my life time I have bought many cars but I have never felt as comfortable and easy to buy a used car. Jim is very knowledgeable about the product he is selling. On top of that he truly believes in service after the sale.I would love to buy all my cars in future through Jim. One of the best sales people I have ever come across.

Keith Bowman : Great sales manager to work with. Again very professional and willing to work with the customer without any pressure. This my second car from the same dealership and the experience keeps getting better. They take huge steps to take care of the customer needs like a free warranty, money back guarantee, etc

With the Frank Myers Auto Maxx dealership I had a totally different experience. No body seems to be breathing down your neck when you are looking around and all of the prices are on the cars. Everybody just seems there to help you when you need it.

My rating for Frank Myers Auto Maxx is World Class and I give them 5 stars. Outstanding and I would recommend this place to all my friends."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"(Frank Myers Auto) Sells Good Cars & Gives Us Good Deals"

super dooper new review by DashRipRock (as posted on

"I am a 3 time happy customer at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Every car I have bought from them has lasted and I have been happy with them all. I bought a Cadillac CTS from them, my hubby bought an Escalade and we just bought our 16 year old a Honda Civic. We feel we have got a great deal on them all. The people working there are always very nice and not pushy at all. We have also used their service department many times and received good service. We get a nice discount because we bought our cars from them. I would happily recommend Frank Myers Auto to all of my friends and family. We feel that they are good people that sell good cars and give us good deals."

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Loved The Atmospshere at Frank Myers Auto

super dooper new review by PfafftownMafia4Life (as posted on

"More like a carnival than a car dealer, Frank Myers Auto Maxx was a very fun place to visit and go shopping for a car. I went there because I heard they didn't pay there salesman commission and I can't stand going to a car dealership and being attacked by the sharks. I didn't buy a car there because of a change in my job situation, but when I am ready the first place I will go is Frank Myers. I also liked that all the prices were on the cars. No guessing game. Plus they had a money back guarantee. I'm not sure of the exclions but I am sure there are some. Check with them for details. They person I worked with was extra attentive to me and answered all of my questions thouroughly. Overall, a great experience and a good asset to the community."

Pros: Bent over backwards to help me.
Cons: I hate car shopping everywhere. Here? Not so much.

Monday, January 18, 2010

"They (Frank Myers Auto) Are Top Of The Line"

super dooper new review by Ginger McCann
(as posted on

"I was very pleased with the service that I received from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Tracy and the staff are all knowledgeable and very willing to please you, the customer. I have worked in Customer Service for 20 years and they are top of the line when it comes to putting the customer first. I would recommend them to anyone!! Thanks again really made me feel like a part of the family! Women can be intimidated when it comes to buying a car, but I was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning!"

"I Was Really Impressed By Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by weezercaughtmerunning
(as posted on

"I went to the Frank Myers service department and got my oil changed. Zach was in the waiting area and started talking to me. He was very professional. I asked him if he could show me a few cars while I waited. He agreed. I liked a Mazda Miata that they had on the lot and I drove it. I decided to see how much I could buy it for. Zach and Keith gave me a really good price and I decided to buy it. When I got it home, my wife freaked out on me. The car was small. I wasn't even thinking about the kids. Bad dad! Anyway, I took it back the next morning and expected a lot of grief. But they reminded me of the money back guarantee that I had on my car and took it back with no problems and no hassles. I was really impressed with the company and their employees. Especially Zach and Keith. When I get ready to do business, I will not go anywhere else. The service department is also very good. Robert did a good job and my car was clean when I got it back."

"It Was A Good Decision To Buy At Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by The Stovall Family
(as posted on

"I came in today and bought a 2007 Chevy HHR Panel Wagon from Derrick. It was a great deal on the car I wanted. I didn't need to get financed because I was paying cash. Other than it taking a little long to do the paperwork after I agreed to the price I wanted to pay, it was a pleasure to meet the people there. Good place to buy a used car in the Triad. It was a cleaner and nicer HHR than the ones they were selling at the local Chevy store. The warranty was better at Frank Myers too. This was a good decision to buy here. My wife and I are using this car for our florist business and can't wait to put it to use."

"(My Frank Myers Auto Maxx Durango) Keeps Going & Going & Going!"

super dooper new review by stg2
(as posted on

"6 years ago I was in desperate need for a vehicle, I had 5 children at the time and my s-10 just wasnt cutting it anymore. I went to the dealership in the middle of the week just before they opened. No salesman came out to greet, instead it was the finance manager that came out. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him I needed a 7 passenger vehicle that was not a van. "No problem, let me look around" was his response. I wanted a chevy trailblazer but the one they had didnt have a 3rd row seat. I was informed to not be discouraged he would look around and call me. I was not passed off to a sales rep but rather a car was found and I was contacted to come back in the next morning if I had the time. Again the finance manager met with me and showed me a vehicle. A Dodge Durango SLT fully loaded with reasonable miles. 72,000 for a 2001 model. Yes I know the yearly average seems high for this area but not if youre from California. I was in the car with 500 dollars down and the remaining 13,000 financed. I am not a huge dodge fan and will never own another dodge again but the car that frank meyers cars sold me was an excellent buy that to this day is still runnning just like it was the day we bought it. Tip Top Shape. It has an additional 100,000 miles on it and with the exception of some "7 kids now" wear and tear still makes me proud to drive into any parking lot. Great Job to Tracy Meyers for operating a great dealership. When we are ready to buy again this will be the first lot we come too."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Frank Myers Helped Me EVEN In My Dreams!"

super dooper new review by Amanda H.
(as posted on

"Ok so last nite I had a dream and in that dream I went to Frank Myers to buy a friend a car. I was totally approved. Smmmmmaaaaaaalll prob...I was having so much fun at the coffee bar and talkin to everyone I was late for work!
MORAL OF THE STORY: Even in my dreams Frank Myers helps everyone out!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Frank Myers Auto Maxx Was A Pleasant Surprise"

super dooper new review by Jerry M.
(as posted on

"What a pleasant surprise this place was! I've got to say that everything here made me do a double take. Based only on their cheesy advertising, I normally wouldnt have visited an establishment such as this one. Boy would that have been a mistake. I was searching for a Nissan Murano on and happened across one of their vehicles. When I called, they answered the phone in a pleasant manner, they answered ALL of my questions (gasp), and they scheduled a "VIP Reservation" for me to come in and look at the vehicle. Now, I wasn't sure what a VIP Reservation was but it sounded good huh? After arriving, I was greeted promptly but not attacked by salespeople like at most car lots. Once again, everyone was down home friendly and polite. No one was pushy. I drove the Murano and loved it. I asked if I could take it to my mechanic and they said sure. My mechanic passed it with flying colors. I went back to the dealer, made an offer that they accepted and was on my way home in less than 2 hours. A couple of negatives are the parking. Park in the back in the designated customer parking area. It is hard to find but well worth it. The parking in the front is difficult to get in and out of and your vehicle could easily get hit. The only other thing I would request be changed is to increase the size of the waiting area. It seats 15 or so people but when I was there, every chair was full. That made it a little uncomfortable for me. I'm slightly claustrophobic so maybe I'm overreacting. The pluses other than what I've mentioned are the vehicles are priced right on the sticker, they have a money back guarantee on their cars, they give a lifetime engine warranty on their cars, they give free Carfax reports and they have a really nice coffee bar that I took full advantage of. In closing, let me say that if you are shopping for a car and haven't checked this place out, then I would do so."

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Frank Myers Auto Made Me Feel IMPORTANT!"

super dooper new review by Stephanie Sturm
(as posted on the
DealerRater website)

"I just wanted to let you know how great the guys are at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. I have some credit issues and they worked with me and it was a VERY pleasant experience to be able to buy a new car from the guys! They made me feel important and welcome at the dealership!"

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"(Frank Myers Auto) Worked Hard To Get Me Financing"

super dooper new review by Shelly Joy Roberts
(as posted on the DealerRater website)

"I have never been treated more like a family member during an auto purchase than when I bought a car from Frank Myers. They worked hard to get me the best financing and a quality vehicle that suited my families needs. I really like the fact that their sales people aren't paid commission, it made it a more trusting experience."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Good deals at Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by J. Davis
(as posted on the
City Search website)

"Let me start by saying that I have never written a review anywhere for anything. My family has bought several cars from Frank Myers over the years, about 7. We have loved them all and gotten good deals. Anthony was my salesperson and helped me get my Expedition. He asked me for a co-signer and I didn't have one so he offered me their everybody rides program. That is where my 2003 Expedition came from. My downpayment was $800 not 1500-2500 like some places. We have had the Expedition 2 years and only replaced the serpenteen belt after 27,000 miles we put on it. We have sent several family members and friends and church members that have got cars from Frank Myers and they are all happy with their purchases. I can assure you from our many experiences at Frank Myers Auto that we will go back again."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Is My Favorite Dealership

A super dooper new review by Jerry Daniels
(as posted on the Car Dealer Check website)
"My Honda Accord came from Frank Myers Auto. I am happy that I bought it there. They worked with me to find me the car I wanted instead of the car they wanted to push me into. Mike sold me the Honda and was straight and to the point. He didn't shoot me a bunch of crap like other salespeople. When I asked him a question he answered it. I dreaded car shopping but this was a nice experience."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frank Myers Auto is an Institution in North Carolina

A super dooper new review by Becky Allred
(as posted on the Car Dealer Check website)
"Frank Myers Auto Maxx is an institution in North Carolina and I just bought my 6th car from them. Jim Pappas was my salesman and was the best. He gave me no pressure at all to buy but answered all my questions. What I'm saying is that it was all done at my pace. I appreciate that. I believe the name of the person that helped me with my paperwork was Keith and he was really friendly. He explained the features of the car to me so I would know where everything was and how everything worked. I appreciate that very much. Tracey is the owner and he has always been there when I was there buying cars just like his daddy was when I bought cars from them many years ago. These are hands on people that really care. They sponsored my sons baseball team last year when they couldn't afford to buy their own jerseys because of budget cutbacks. I really like my 2006 Honda Accord and I am glad I bought it from Frank Myers Auto. They are a local business that has made it through the recession and seems stronger than ever. See them next time I buy a car for sure."