Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Frank Myers Auto Maxx Was A Pleasant Surprise"

super dooper new review by Jerry M.
(as posted on Yelp.com)

"What a pleasant surprise this place was! I've got to say that everything here made me do a double take. Based only on their cheesy advertising, I normally wouldnt have visited an establishment such as this one. Boy would that have been a mistake. I was searching for a Nissan Murano on http://Autotrader.com and happened across one of their vehicles. When I called, they answered the phone in a pleasant manner, they answered ALL of my questions (gasp), and they scheduled a "VIP Reservation" for me to come in and look at the vehicle. Now, I wasn't sure what a VIP Reservation was but it sounded good huh? After arriving, I was greeted promptly but not attacked by salespeople like at most car lots. Once again, everyone was down home friendly and polite. No one was pushy. I drove the Murano and loved it. I asked if I could take it to my mechanic and they said sure. My mechanic passed it with flying colors. I went back to the dealer, made an offer that they accepted and was on my way home in less than 2 hours. A couple of negatives are the parking. Park in the back in the designated customer parking area. It is hard to find but well worth it. The parking in the front is difficult to get in and out of and your vehicle could easily get hit. The only other thing I would request be changed is to increase the size of the waiting area. It seats 15 or so people but when I was there, every chair was full. That made it a little uncomfortable for me. I'm slightly claustrophobic so maybe I'm overreacting. The pluses other than what I've mentioned are the vehicles are priced right on the sticker, they have a money back guarantee on their cars, they give a lifetime engine warranty on their cars, they give free Carfax reports and they have a really nice coffee bar that I took full advantage of. In closing, let me say that if you are shopping for a car and haven't checked this place out, then I would do so."

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