Saturday, January 2, 2010

Frank Myers Auto is an Institution in North Carolina

A super dooper new review by Becky Allred
(as posted on the Car Dealer Check website)
"Frank Myers Auto Maxx is an institution in North Carolina and I just bought my 6th car from them. Jim Pappas was my salesman and was the best. He gave me no pressure at all to buy but answered all my questions. What I'm saying is that it was all done at my pace. I appreciate that. I believe the name of the person that helped me with my paperwork was Keith and he was really friendly. He explained the features of the car to me so I would know where everything was and how everything worked. I appreciate that very much. Tracey is the owner and he has always been there when I was there buying cars just like his daddy was when I bought cars from them many years ago. These are hands on people that really care. They sponsored my sons baseball team last year when they couldn't afford to buy their own jerseys because of budget cutbacks. I really like my 2006 Honda Accord and I am glad I bought it from Frank Myers Auto. They are a local business that has made it through the recession and seems stronger than ever. See them next time I buy a car for sure."

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