Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Good deals at Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by J. Davis
(as posted on the
City Search website)

"Let me start by saying that I have never written a review anywhere for anything. My family has bought several cars from Frank Myers over the years, about 7. We have loved them all and gotten good deals. Anthony was my salesperson and helped me get my Expedition. He asked me for a co-signer and I didn't have one so he offered me their everybody rides program. That is where my 2003 Expedition came from. My downpayment was $800 not 1500-2500 like some places. We have had the Expedition 2 years and only replaced the serpenteen belt after 27,000 miles we put on it. We have sent several family members and friends and church members that have got cars from Frank Myers and they are all happy with their purchases. I can assure you from our many experiences at Frank Myers Auto that we will go back again."

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