Monday, January 18, 2010

"(My Frank Myers Auto Maxx Durango) Keeps Going & Going & Going!"

super dooper new review by stg2
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"6 years ago I was in desperate need for a vehicle, I had 5 children at the time and my s-10 just wasnt cutting it anymore. I went to the dealership in the middle of the week just before they opened. No salesman came out to greet, instead it was the finance manager that came out. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him I needed a 7 passenger vehicle that was not a van. "No problem, let me look around" was his response. I wanted a chevy trailblazer but the one they had didnt have a 3rd row seat. I was informed to not be discouraged he would look around and call me. I was not passed off to a sales rep but rather a car was found and I was contacted to come back in the next morning if I had the time. Again the finance manager met with me and showed me a vehicle. A Dodge Durango SLT fully loaded with reasonable miles. 72,000 for a 2001 model. Yes I know the yearly average seems high for this area but not if youre from California. I was in the car with 500 dollars down and the remaining 13,000 financed. I am not a huge dodge fan and will never own another dodge again but the car that frank meyers cars sold me was an excellent buy that to this day is still runnning just like it was the day we bought it. Tip Top Shape. It has an additional 100,000 miles on it and with the exception of some "7 kids now" wear and tear still makes me proud to drive into any parking lot. Great Job to Tracy Meyers for operating a great dealership. When we are ready to buy again this will be the first lot we come too."

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