Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"I Can Get Straight Forward Answers At Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by rahkids (Gwen)
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“Thanks for the great buying experience! Thank you Tracy and all involved……as it was a group effort to say the least! These individuals all work together to be sure the job gets done. I appreciate when I can get straight forward answers to my questions. I know if there is something that I need that Tracy and his crew will have my back! I recently bought a used car for my 16 year old…..don’t want to buy new with insurance rates on an inexperienced driver.(side note: I work in insurance;)) So with that said sure there may be some issues with my used car, but it’s used, there are sure to be some issues from time to time but it’s nothing that these guys won’t handle! They have gone above and beyond to keep my daughter smiling and I appreciate that! Kindest Regards.”

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Frank Myers Auto Welcomes Ms. Funderburk To The Family - Uncle Frank sez that it's not nice to brag about ourselves so we'll let our customers do it for us.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thanks To Frank Myers Auto Maxx

super dooper new review by TinaFortunateDaughter
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"Buying my car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx was the best decision I have ever made. I have bought several cars and, while I never had a bad experience, I also never had a great one until I bought my Durango from Brandon at Frank Myers. Brandon was my salesperson and he was very courteous and attentive. Rich handled all the paperwork and explained everything in great detail. I had a fun time while waiting...I was there during something called Family Film Night and they were showing Return To Space Mountain on a flat screen. The time went by quickly. Thanks to Frank Myers Auto Maxx for showing me what a great car shopping experience is supposed to be like. I will not shop anywhere else for my cars from now on."

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Frank Myers Auto Will Always Sell Me My Cars

super dooper new review by Johnny Burns
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"I have given Frank Myers Auto Maxx these ratings because the kind of customer service that I received from them, especially my salesperson Mike, made me feel right at home. They made me felt so comfortable that I opened up and told them what my budget was and how much I had for a down payment.

Other than their customer service, their prices are reasonable and their cars are under warranty. That made me feel good and gave me peace of mind. The cars all looked new and were really clean.

I would always recommend them to my friends who are in the market to Frank Myers Auto rather than any other place. Thank you Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Frank Myers Auto Maxx Is...Great"

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"I have bought 2 different cars from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. A used Toyota and a used Dodge Ram truck. Both times they helped me find the car that fitted my needs and my budget. They always have made me happy. The great rating I left is from the experiences I have always had with them. They have always treated me like a person instead of the other car dealers that I have visited that have treated me like I am shark bait. I would refer anyone to Frank Myers Auto Maxx because they are just plain great."

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

"No Hassles & No Pushy Sales Pitches At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

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"Almost 3 months after we bought our truck from Frank Myers Auto Maxx & the vehicle we bought is the best one we've ever owned. We were looking for a Silverado with an extended cab when I drove by their used car dealership and saw a 2007 model with four wheel drive!

When I sat in this truck, it was like heaven. My husband and I have always driven Chevys and this one is like brand new. Brandon was my salesperson and was the best. The experience was awesome. No hassles and no pushy sales pitches. We got nothing but the utmost respect from these people. The entire sale was smooth and uncomplicated. Thank you Brandon for our dream truck and for being a great salesperson. We had a great experience & will be back."

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Friday, June 11, 2010

"Good Prices At Frank Myers Auto Maxx" - The Masters needed a newer that was more dependable. However, they wanted to shop at a dealership they know and trust...a place where they knew the prices would be affordable. Plus they also wanted to buy from someone that they considered "honest". That's when they made the decision to buy a 2009 Chevrolet HHR from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Now they are Sooper-Dooper Happy Members of the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Family! Visit Frank Myers Auto at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC 27105.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"I Loved The Automobile I Purchased From Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by BBAnderson
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"We have purchased our last 5 used cars from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem (Ford Explorer, Honda Accord, Ford F-150, Nissan Altima and Chevy Cobalt for our son). My first experience with them was 6 years ago when I decided it was time to trade cars. I decided to get something foreign this time. The sales staff was very courteous and didn't pressure me. So I purchased an Accord. I loved the automobile.

About a year later my wife was ready to trade & she decided she would get an Altima. We have found the Service department to be just as friendly as the sales department. A year ago, we were involved in an automobile accident that totaled my Honda. When we returned home in a rented car, I immediately contacted Frank Myers Auto and they helped me to purchase a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. We dealt with the same salesperson each time because we liked him so much from the first time. We have found the service department also super friendly and very knowledgeable about service. After my warranty ran out on the first Honda, we began to have the vehicle serviced at another car repair business in the town where we live as it was less expensive. What a huge mistake. They diagnosed a problem wrong and wouldn't own up to it so I took it back to Frank Myers Auto Maxx service department. They figured out what was wrong with it and fixed it quickly and had me on my way home in no time flat. I won't make that mistake again.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

"One Of The Easiest Transactions I Have Ever Had"

super dooper new review by WalterDisneyMovieFan
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"My husband and family and I were looking for a used car to take the place of the one we had before the accident. I looked online and found a car that I thought looked nice and we liked the price. We decided to go look on a Friday. We were just going on a looking and not expecting to purchase a car on the first visit to any dealer. When we got to Frank Myers Auto Maxx we were met by the owner and the guy on TV, Tracy Myers. What a pleasant surprise to meet a local celebrity and impressed that the owner of a company was greeting his customers. It was a VERY hot day and when I told Tracy that I had seen a car on the internet he invited us inside to look for that one instead of going through the lot. I really appreciated that idea. He introduced us to one of his employees named Bruno. We found the car on their website and Bruno went out and brought it into the shop area so we could look at it out of the heat. Very nice touch! We liked the way it looked so we took the car out for a test drive. The car was very nice and handled like a new one. After the drive, we went in and talked with Bruno about what it would take to get into the car. I told him we couldn't get the car that day because we never buy the first car we see.We left with a handshake and a fair offer to buy the car.

On Monday or Tuesday, we returned and purchased the car dealing again with Bruno. This was one of the easiest transactions I have ever had. He explained everything that needed to be done and did not try to pressure us into buying anything extra that I didnt want.

I have never been on a car shopping trip where we decided to buy the first car we saw. It usually takes us weeks of looking. The people at Frank Myers Auto Maxx were excellent to deal with and really made us feel good. We have told several people that they needed to visit
Frank Myers Auto Maxx when they need a different car."

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Get Your Maxx On At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by Jennifer (as posted on

"I have known Tracy for almost 20 years. He knows his stuff and will work relentlessly for you. He really has never met a stranger and treats everyone equally and with respect. Tracy will give you personalized service and will make you feel at home and like family. He was born to do this job, as he learned the business from his father. Go give Frank Myers a try!"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"I Recommend Frank Myers Auto To All My Friends & Family"

super dooper new review by MWilliams (as posted on

"First off, I purchased a 2008 Nissan Altima. I'm in love with it. However, I did shop around when I heard of Frank Myers Auto Maxx. So I went online and saw this vehicle and fell in love with it but knew my credit was pretty much shot. I decided to give it a try anyway because I really wanted the Nissan Altima. I get to the dealership and am welcomed by Bruno Recina (spelling?) I told him my story about my credit and Bruno told me no problem. When working with me Bruno, he was nice, patient, fun, and professional. After going to Frank Myers this time, I know when it comes time for my second car I am going back. I was also impressed with the customer service and everybody was just full of so much energy. I recommend Frank Myers Auto to all my friends and family."

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"It's A Pleasure To Work With Frank Myers Auto"

super dooper new review by jmc1820 (as posted on

"Tracy and his staff are one of nicest, most professional groups of sales people that I have had the pleasure to deal with. They "roadmapped" the entire process so that I knew what to expect each step of the way and worked hard to see that I was satisfied with the outcome of the entire deal. It has been a pleasure to work with Frank Myers Auto Maxx and I would definitely go back there when in search of another vehicle!"

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"We Had A Pleasant Experience At Frank Myers Auto Maxx"

super dooper new review by Garfield Smith (as posted on

"Mine and my mothers experience with this used car dealership (Frank Myers Auto Maxx) took place over several weeks. I came in with my mother when she was ready to buy a new car. She asked me to sit with her through the sales process. Later on my husband and I came just to test drive several different models for her to help her out. The sales people who helped us were fast and courteous, and didn't even ask us if we were interested in buying them. There was no pressure at all and that makes me thankful. When we came in the last time to test and purchase a vehicle, we had a very pleasant experience with everyone involved. Of course, we appreciated the price because it was very competitive. I can't think of any reason not to do business with this organization."
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