Sunday, June 6, 2010

"One Of The Easiest Transactions I Have Ever Had"

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"My husband and family and I were looking for a used car to take the place of the one we had before the accident. I looked online and found a car that I thought looked nice and we liked the price. We decided to go look on a Friday. We were just going on a looking and not expecting to purchase a car on the first visit to any dealer. When we got to Frank Myers Auto Maxx we were met by the owner and the guy on TV, Tracy Myers. What a pleasant surprise to meet a local celebrity and impressed that the owner of a company was greeting his customers. It was a VERY hot day and when I told Tracy that I had seen a car on the internet he invited us inside to look for that one instead of going through the lot. I really appreciated that idea. He introduced us to one of his employees named Bruno. We found the car on their website and Bruno went out and brought it into the shop area so we could look at it out of the heat. Very nice touch! We liked the way it looked so we took the car out for a test drive. The car was very nice and handled like a new one. After the drive, we went in and talked with Bruno about what it would take to get into the car. I told him we couldn't get the car that day because we never buy the first car we see.We left with a handshake and a fair offer to buy the car.

On Monday or Tuesday, we returned and purchased the car dealing again with Bruno. This was one of the easiest transactions I have ever had. He explained everything that needed to be done and did not try to pressure us into buying anything extra that I didnt want.

I have never been on a car shopping trip where we decided to buy the first car we saw. It usually takes us weeks of looking. The people at Frank Myers Auto Maxx were excellent to deal with and really made us feel good. We have told several people that they needed to visit
Frank Myers Auto Maxx when they need a different car."

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