Saturday, January 23, 2010

Loved The Atmospshere at Frank Myers Auto

super dooper new review by PfafftownMafia4Life (as posted on

"More like a carnival than a car dealer, Frank Myers Auto Maxx was a very fun place to visit and go shopping for a car. I went there because I heard they didn't pay there salesman commission and I can't stand going to a car dealership and being attacked by the sharks. I didn't buy a car there because of a change in my job situation, but when I am ready the first place I will go is Frank Myers. I also liked that all the prices were on the cars. No guessing game. Plus they had a money back guarantee. I'm not sure of the exclions but I am sure there are some. Check with them for details. They person I worked with was extra attentive to me and answered all of my questions thouroughly. Overall, a great experience and a good asset to the community."

Pros: Bent over backwards to help me.
Cons: I hate car shopping everywhere. Here? Not so much.

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