Sunday, January 24, 2010

"(Frank Myers Auto) Sells Good Cars & Gives Us Good Deals"

super dooper new review by DashRipRock (as posted on

"I am a 3 time happy customer at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Every car I have bought from them has lasted and I have been happy with them all. I bought a Cadillac CTS from them, my hubby bought an Escalade and we just bought our 16 year old a Honda Civic. We feel we have got a great deal on them all. The people working there are always very nice and not pushy at all. We have also used their service department many times and received good service. We get a nice discount because we bought our cars from them. I would happily recommend Frank Myers Auto to all of my friends and family. We feel that they are good people that sell good cars and give us good deals."

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