Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Frank Myers Is Doing Business With Integrity"

super dooper new review by Timeisup (as posted on CarDealerCheck)

"I want to start of by saying how Greatful I am to have visited and purchased from Frank Myers. Me and my girlfriend had visited several dealerships before coming to Frank Myers with nothing but high pressure salesman showing me cars that I could not afford..Frank Myers is different Jim and Rich reviewed my information 1st then showed me vechicles that I could get financing on. My credit not being the best they still found me financing with $ 2,000 down payment. The down payment was more then I wanted to pay but ultimately this was not in there control. Having worked for a bank I understood that since the economic crash lending instutions have raised there requirements to limit there risk. I purchased my car and enjoy it daily.. Thank you Tracy and Frank Myers staff for doing business with upmost integrity and professionalism."

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