Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Frank Myers Has A Great Service Department"

super dooper new review by topoftheworld
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"Frank Myers Auto Maxx has a great service department. The staff seems to care about me as a client. This was my first visit with my Honda to any service department other than the new Honda stores. My other cars have been serviced by Quick Lube-type places in the past. My big problem with the Quick Lube-type oil change place in the past has been that their staff didn't make strong recommendations when they spotted potential problems. I had a brake issue but my warning light never came on. I had mentioned the amount of brake dust to the guys at the Quick Lube-type place and they stated that they do not service brakes but failed to mention that I should have my car checked by a "real" repair place or a dealership service dept. I am a firm beliver in full service/ full circle business. It is the bases of what makes great business. Even though I only went to Frank Myers for a tune-up, they did a complete walk around on my car and gave me a check list with any problems/potential problems with an estimate range. Since it was my first visit, I took my car to the Honda store (which I've had problems with in the past...that's why I will NOT use them full time for service) and they backed up everything that Frank Myers had told me and gave me an estimate that was about 45% more expensive! If there is one compliant, I would say that the waiting area is a little small but at least it is clean and comfortable."

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