Saturday, March 19, 2011

Country Black Sez Hold Your Horses At Frank Myers Auto Maxx - Refer a Friend To Frank Myers Auto Maxx - Make $500"!Attention Friends! If you know anyone who's in the market for a new car, then... Come One, Come All, and Step Right Up!

Take a Scratch at Our Jumbo Prize Card And Win FREE Cash Instantly in Uncle Frank's Insane "Give Me Your Friends and I'll Give You My MONEY!" Giveaway

Everyone is guaranteed a winner! *

Dear Friend,

I'm telling you, Uncle Frank is at it again with his amazing wheels and crazy deals, and this time he's giving away FREE money to you! All he wants you to do is tell your family, friends, co-workers (and even that strange guy walking down the street) to buy their next new car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. And when they do, you're guaranteed to be our next winner*!

You heard right.Whenever you refer a customer to us and they buy a car, you will be personally invited to our dealership to take a scratch at our jumbo prize card! Everybody is a winner. This means you are guaranteed to win.

Scratch Your Card Right and You Could Be the $500 Big Check Winner!

Hurry up and spread the word so you can claim your prize check before all the money is gone... or Uncle Frank comes to his senses and puts his money back in the bank.

And remember, Frank Myers Auto Maxx puts everyone behind the wheel regardless of credit,then goes a step further to offer what no other dealer dares to. Our iron-clad money back guarantee and FREE Lifetime Warranty means that even though you'll pocket the cash,both you and your friends will be instant winners.

*Referral program open to all existing customers and non-customers alike. Whenever you refer someone to Frank Myers Auto Maxx and they buy a car from us, you get your chance to scratch the jumbo prize card located on our showroom floor to see how much cash you've won.

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