Friday, December 11, 2009

Mr. Thomas Reflects On His Frank Myers Auto Experience

I have purchased two vehicles from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. I would recommend this dealer to anyone and have done so in the past.

The salesperson let me take my time and select the vehicle I wanted and did not pressure me into a quick sale. The salesman knew this would be an investment that I would put my hard earned money into and did not rush me like most dealers to hurry in and hurry out for the next sale.

I have purchased two Dodge trucks and have not had one problem from either vehicle. The warranty that came with the vehicle is excellent. This dealership reminds me of the dealers of old when they cared about what you purchased and made sure you could afford it.

I was offered drinks and a snack to make sure my experience was pleasant. Most dealers today rush you into a vehicle whether you can afford it or not and dont offer that caring feeling. Frank Myers Auto Maxx is defnitely the best used car dealer on the east coast, if you dont believe me look at the recent award that was received that no one else arouond has received for their customer service and quality of vehicles. One of the biggest selling points for me was on the door going into the business where it has store hours listed for Sunday it says "Closed" because I know where Mr Myers is on Sunday where we all should be and thats church!

Go to Frank Myers Auto Maxx for your next purchase or risk buying a lemon.

- Cedric Thomas, Proud Member of the Frank Myers Auto Family

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