Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Problems and How To Handle Them

Uncle Frank Sez: "As Britney Spears once said...Oops, I did it again!"

I goofed. Actually, my team goofed but it's all the same difference. You see, when your family name is on the sign you are accountable REGARDLESS of who actually screws up. As much as it hurts me to admit it...YES...we are human and we make mistakes (just like the next guy). So here is the story:

I just got an email from our partners at Car Dealer Check. They were alerting me that someone had posted a review. Since most of our customers post really good reviews, I was excited to read who our newest "Fan" was. Boy, was I disappointed. Here is what I read -

"I bought a 2002 ford explorer back in Feb. The brakes were suppose to be replaced , but 2 weeks later they started grinding and not working properly.Now the explorer is sitting in my driveway and will not start....and I haveonly had it about 3months.. I was told I was getting a great vehicle but now after putting 3000 dollars down on it , I am wondering how am I gonna get to work tonight."

My heart sank. Luckily, I was still at the dealership and our Xtreme Satisfaction Team reached out to this unhappy customer in less than 10 minutes. Here is how they responded -

"I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you and I am here to make it right. It looks like your review was written at 6:50pm...it is 7ish and the Xtreme Satisfaction Team is still here at the dealership wanting to assist you. PLEASE call us direct so that we can get your Explorer to our service department and get your issue resolved. We want you to be driving your vehicle and enjoying it. We are here to help you do that! If you don't reach out to us tonight, please call our service dept starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Their direct number is 336*8310656. Once again, these things are never fun but we are committed to making you a believer in the Frank Myers Auto Maxx experience. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!"

So we are here waiting for dawatson41 to call or email us back so we can assist him. My challenge to other dealerships is to do the same. Be transparent. Encourage your customers to reach out to you (preferably by phone). I'll keep you posted.
- UPDATE - On May 12th at 3:59am, dawatson41 responded: "thanks so much for your reply, i will call first thing this morning after i get off work."
It was 12 noon and we had not heard from dawatson41 so...we reached out again with the email below.
"Just a quick reminder to PLEASE call a member of our Xtreme Satisfaction Team or our Service Department as soon as you can. We are here to assist you with your Explorer and to find a complete resolution. If you no longer need our help, please let me know. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you."
- UPDATE - It's 6:58pm on May 12th and we still haven't heard from dawatson41. We are still eager to assist him and will try again tomorrow.

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