Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I Went To Frank Myers Auto Maxx First!"

super dooper new review
by irvinrobertssn59 (as posted on GoogleReviews.com)

"My Isusu Rodeo finally kicked the bucket after 15+ years.It was bought new way before I was married and had kids. It has some sentimental value but my wife has been practically begging me to get us another car. So I caved in and went to Frank Myers AutoMaxx first. I had seen an FJ Cruiser on their website and i went to drive it. This was a very surprising day of buying a new car. Smiling salespeople that seemed to really care. Extra nice cars with a free warranty on every car. I LOVED the arcade and the popcorn. It was a good time and I feel that I made some new friends. I will go back there the next time I need a car and tell all of my friends and family about this place.‎"

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